This week I had two prompts to combine. Friday’s interview is with John Hancock, an artist who also dabbles in fiction. He sent me a dozen pictures to illustrate the interview, which pleases me immensely!

One of the pictures looks like a watercolor, and it is titled “nude”. It is beautiful. It is simple, and shows two women reclining. But I hesitated to put the image into the actual interview, because I had expressly stated that, although Under Loch and Key contains stories of an adult nature, there would be no inappropriate pictures on either blog. Titled “Nude” it misses being PG on a technicality.

But this is too good to resist.

I decided to amend the disclaimer to say that The Inverness Press will not contain any images that are at all questionable, but Under Loch and Key may include some pictures of a sensual nature.

Knowing that John’s (AKA Grokdad on twitter) interview would be going up on Friday, the same day as the Red Dress Club has their link-up, I told myself that I would see if I could take whatever their prompt was this week, and fit it to a story made just for this picture. I think it works well. As are most of my stories, this one is set on the fictional planet Kingdom Come, where marriages of 4 men to 4 women are common.

The prompt is “This week focus on the words and the strength of each to contribute to your story. Write a 300 word piece using the following word for inspiration: LIFE.”

Calanthe did not so much as flinch when the wet towel snapped a mere millimeter from her naked thigh.

“Out! Up! Off the bed you lazy beasts!” Eusebia commanded theatrically.

Thisbe rolled over onto her back, one arm casually bent around the back of her head as if daring her domineering wife to use her nipple as a target.

Eusebia rolled the towel up again, raising an eyebrow and threatening to do exactly that.

Thisbe stuck her tongue out at her.

Calanthe rolled over onto her stomach, presenting a wider target to their towel-wielding wife.

Phaedra, the fourth wife, dove dramatically into the bed, disrupting all. “But we are widows! We should mourn! We should be wearing sackcloth, and covering ourselves in ashes…”

Eusebia rolled her eyes and slapped Calanthe’s buttocks with the no-longer-rolled-up towel. “Golf widows. We are golf widows. That does not mean we surrender and die.”

Phaedra made a dramatic production out of turning over and sitting up on the oversoft bed; almost, but not quite convincing her other wives to give up their sleeping place. “I want to live!” she declared, and they all dissolved into fits of giggles.

Such was life.

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