A_night_at_the_opera_in_the_year_2000,_cartoon_by_Albert_Robida,_ca._1882Ben grabbed the steering wheel as his apprentice vaulted out of the flier from the driver’s seat, plunging through a dozen layers of traffic.

“Anakin, you’ll be the death of me yet…” he muttered, barely managing to get the vehicle under control before rear ending a floater full of turnips.

He scanned the heavy traffic. Their quarry was nowhere in sight.

Neither was Anakin…

Ben turned on his lift signal and merged into the traffic overhead. It was moving faster, being a through-lane. He couldn’t slow down to scan the area, but at least he was moving fast enough to get a good view of the entire place.

He pushed a button on the console and a feminine mechanical voice informed him “Anakin’s vital statistics read as normal. He is stationary at level four, coordinates…”

The voice was cut off by Anakin’s own voice. “Ben! You have to get down here…NOW!”

“Bloody hell…” Ben cursed and dove, defying the law of gravity by moving faster than the planet pulled him, and defying the laws of traffic in a dozen other ways.

Finally, he saw his young apprentice. “Nooo!” Ben screamed when he realized what Anakin had in mind.

“Ben, we have no choice…” came Anakin’s voice over the comm. Ben could see him in the distance, standing there, resigned to their fate.
“Anakin, the cost… it’s just too much…”

Ben pulled the flier up to the docking platform and reluctantly handed his keys to the valet.

Anakin patted his back gently. “I know. Valet parking is expensive. And you worry they’ll scratch the paint, but we’re late and we really have no choice.”

Ben sighed and straightened his bow tie, casting one last glimpse as a stranger in uniform drove his baby away. “You’re right, Anakin. It has to be this way.”

Together, they headed towards the entrance. Ben imparted just a few additional words of wisdom to his young apprentice, although apparently Anakin had already learned them well.
“A Jedi is never late to the opera.”

Just for fun! I participate in several Flash Fiction groups. It’s always fun, and a great exercise or warm-up for adding to the WIP.

The Speculative Fiction Writers community on Google Plus just began doing a weekly picture prompt, which I’ve dubbed SFFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy Flash.) This is my story for the week.